Straight 8 Competition

we believe in doing stuff. get it out. learn. move on. do more.
straight 8 began in 1999 when a bunch of people accepted a challenge to make a short turnaround, no budget, three minute film on a single cartridge of super 8 without editing, but with a cinema audience guaranteed.
25 people: directors, producers, runners, d.p.'s, editors, writers, actors, a d.j, a cinema manager and various others braved the challenge. it was bold and it was loose. there was no expectation.
over time straight 8 grew and great things have happened — like our annual event at cannes and screening in great cinemas and even on tv. the experimental spirit is still there but the films started becoming a lot more polished and clever. and more and more people have joined in — close to a thousand straight 8's have been made now. that's a lot of stories that might still be in heads or on paper but are now in the can and that makes us smile.

what do we look for?
when asked what we look for when we select films we don't really know. you don't know what you're looking for till you find it. we know they've got to entertain and engage the audience. the films we choose — especially for cannes — have a really strong sense of direction. they know what they are and where they're going. they grab the audience early on and the take them with them, sometimes through twists and turns, but the whole way.

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